Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Well kayden sure freaked me out this last Thursday night. 1 week prior he had tested positive for strep and Influenza B after taking him in to th ER with 105 temp. Kaydens airway is already very small and compromised so this was not good news.Kayden did very well considering what he had.No more high temps at all but his congestion was a little worse. I called children's who sugested even though the 48 hours had past they thought i should give kayden tamiflu. 2 doses in kaydens heart rate started to change it was staying low and setting off his alarms.The second day and less than a hour after his 4th dose kayden started having a sizure and his oxagen levels were 50% and dropping.I got him to the ER where he constinues over 3 hours to have a few different kinds of seizure activity.Brainerd had wanted to airlift him to children however they were FULL.. we waited almost 9 hours in th ER befor i felt like i could care for him at home.

Kayden freaked us out BIG time but once again has proven how much of a fighter he truly is. Miraculously and thankfully recovered just fine and today is his happy little self again.He amazes me with how much he has overcome in his life and never seams to complain.He is the happiest kid ever.HE is our hero.we love him so much.

I thank GOD for continuing to trust me in my sons care and pray HARD that he will for many many years to come.I thank GOD for allowing kayden to be so STRONG and for kayden loving LIFE, I dont know what i woudl do with out him in our life as he completes every part of us every day. I pray i will never have to know that.

Im so thankful for a wonderfull husband who loves his children unconditionally and is always there to help with kadyen. Im also thankfull for my sons Braden and Jaiden who care so deeply and love kayden so much and worry about him when somthing is wrong. Thak you LORD for my family

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