Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wow where has the time gone? I have not been very good at this whole blogging thing and updating lol. We all are doing great. Kayden had a sleep study done 2 weeks ago and evything came back good with no obstruction.this is wonderful news as years ago he use to have 91 an hour before his adenoids and uvula was removed.we found out that those things can grow back and he had been snoring again so we just wanted to check and see how he was doing. Kayden is getting ready to turn 11 years old next month and I'm just in shock over how big and strong he has come over the years he truly is amazing in every way.11 years? I look back and wonder how did we ever get through the early years? I'm just so honored and blessed in so many ways. Braden and Jaiden are also growing ever so fast before our eyes.Braden is getting ready to finish up 7th grade and is looking ever so handsome but momma is so not looking forward to these teenage years of girls,backtalk and the I can do what ever I want attitude..Thank God for the most part he is a great kid so I'm pray we wont have it as bad as some parents.Jaiden my little I'm not afraid of anything is keeping us on our toes. he will be in fourth grade already this next school year and is growing like a weed,I just can't get over how tall this kid is and wow you should all see the size if his feet we are all going to be looking up to him real fast I just know it as he will tower over us all.I'm so proud of both Braden and Jaiden, even as they get older they are so great with kayden and proud of their brother and all his accomplishments.both of them are always helping in some way and how they love to show him off.warms my heart to see them helping kayden is some way with playing ball or many other things trying to include him and is always wonderful to see the three of them together playing and full of smiles. I helped start TAG (trisomy advocacy group) with 6 other parents and continue to help other families through the hard and the wonderful times of trisomy.together we are making a difference and one day we pray our kids will be looked at like every other child in the medical eye. You can check out our web sight at also kaydens you tube videos at