Monday, April 25, 2011


JAIDENS LETTER ABOUT EASTER/Bradens letter to kayden

Sat Jaiden my youngest who is 7 wrote a letter about Easter. So funny how kids view things.  He had asked me before writing this letter MOM where are the guys that killed Jesus? I told him well they are dead now as it was MANY years before my time even..In this letter he said he was happy for the Easter bunny to come bring candy and hide eggs,Then went on to say Easter is all about Jesus dying and coming back to life. he wish Jesus was still here so he can play with him and that the "BOYS" that killed him deserve to be dead because they were mean. Then said Hope everyone has a nice ,fun Easter but don't forget about Jesus. I love reading or hearing things out of the mouths of little ones. so cute...

Bradens NOTE
So i found last week a letter Braden my 12 year old wrote to kayden. He said in the letter he wished for him that he could build a HUGE sensory mansion house for him and have a huge swimming pool with allot of supportive floaters for him. He then went on to say he would have a different texture on every wall for sensory and fill the house with all kinds of different balls to play with and talked about how much he loved him. It was so sweet to find something written by my son to kayden with out anyone asking. Braden  was only 2 when kayden was born. Just goes to show that the siblings of children like kayden cherish and love them just as much as us parents. what do those damn Drs know anyway??? my kids would be lost with out their brother. we all LOVE and NEED kayden in our life..

Well Easter was a great sunny day,After the kids found the easter eggs and go their baskets we went to church and then home and grilled with some friends.Kind of nice to do somthing differnt food wise this year.

Kaden got some little hard cover book from the Easter bunny and also a photo flip album you can record voice messages on.He loves looking at book so much so he was a happy little boy.

We died eggs teh night befor and its so cute becuase we got kayden last year a thing you can put the egg in with the die and he can push the button to spin it with out making it a HUGE MESS..he LOVES it. I wanted a photo of him holding one of the eggs and so i handed one to him and it was so funny he started smashing it over and over on the counter, thank goodness it was hard boiled ha ha.